Where food meets art

A passion for food is what drives The Black Bamboo’s pursuit of culinary perfection, as well as an intimate understanding of what people enjoy eating and how they interact with the experience.

More than just nourishment, food is at the epicentre of so many life occasions, and plays an important role in sharing, connecting people, expressing creativity and creating memories. The kitchen may be known as the heart of a restaurant, but at The Black Bamboo we believe that the table is equally important – the setting for fun, conversation and adventure, at any time of the day.

We believe that each plate that leaves our kitchen is a masterpiece, a combination of food and art, and place a strong emphasis on presentation.

All food products at The Black Bamboo are sourced through specialist suppliers, and a large focus is placed on responsible sourcing of goods as well as supporting local business as much as possible. Our changing menu design allows us to always offer options that are unique, seasonal, and inspiring.

Through our unique approach and always evolving menu, we encourage our guests to break free from conventional ideas and explore new culinary experiences.

Awards & recognitions